This page is created for the mere purpose of displaying ongoing drug related polls. You can cast your vote by clicking on the desired entry. Every poll will be run for a maximum of 2 weeks or more if nobody votes.

What’s Your Poison?
1) Weed/Hash
2) Ecstacy
4) Mushrooms
5) Ketamine
6) Amfetamines
7) Opium
8) Heroin
View Results – Poll Ended
What’s the best music to trip on to?
1) Psychedelic Rock/Progressive Rock
2) Jazz/Acid Jazz
3) Reggae
4) Ambiental
5) IDM
6) Chillout/Dubstep
7) Hip Hop/Trip Hop
8) Psychedelic Trance/Goa
View Results

2 Responses to “Polls”

  1. coffee, tea and coke :)

  2. Sorry i had to unaproove the latest comment because this was building in a severe case of split personality talking :)

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