Drug Literature

I want this page to be a collection of all known drug books, novels, poems and other writings.

Because I want the content to be verified and original I am kindly asking you for help. No only that you will contribute to this fine blog, but also you will make me happy. Simply leave a comment telling us what did you read that involves drugs. And please be selective.

I want to feature works that depict the act of consuming, creating, selling, etc. illegal substances, not works that simply refer to it. To be more precise: writings in which the characters and course of events are directly determined by drugs.

Trippy and fantastic written and illustrated works are fine too, but those would rather make the front page.

I will start first. The last book I read regarding this subject was Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. It is one of the most referential drug books written to date. Surely it focuses on the sub-culture and under-society of young Heroin users from Scotland. It still can be transposed to a lot of other nations and cultures. This book was also made into a movie with the same name directed by Danny Boyle. You can access it’s site via the poster on the blog’s main page. A mighty fine book and movie to conclude!

I came across this some days ago and it sounds like a good lecture.
The book is called “Ketamine: Dreams and Realities” and it is written by Karl Jansen, a M.D. Ph.D. and the “world’s leading expert on ketamine”. Read more about the book and the author here.

12 Responses to “Drug Literature”

  1. Hi there. Well, the essential book for all tokers is the ‘The Cannabible’ by Jason King. As far as authorative books on marijuana and cannabis culture go, this is it.

    It lists all known marijuana strains (at the time of publishing, and it’s often updated), as well as extensive no-bull growing instructions, and a very impressive almost-academic study of cannabis culture.

    It’s a massive book with loads of full color pictures. Apart from looking good on the coffee table, it’s really entertaining and essential reading for anyone who likes their herb.

  2. Ketamine rullz , i used to take it 2-3 times a week.Almost as good as Cannabis :P .Try it and u will love it.

  3. “Down and Out On Murder Mile” by Tony O’Neill is a story set in the methadone clinics of east London, and its prequel, “Digging the Vein” focus’ more on the authors time has a heroin addict and crack head in Los Angeles. Both are pretty intense, and better than the usual books about an authors drug use because he doesn’t really condemn drug use, or even say that he doesn’t do it any more… (which is much better than when they find god or something at the end of most memoirs…)

    “Cain’s Book” by Alexander Trochhi is about a heroin addict living on a barge in 50s New York and is really good, “Junky” by WIlliam Burroughs is one of the best books about heroin addiction ever written…

  4. ‘Junk’ by Melvin Burgess, i thought was a good book. Its based in bristol during the punk era, and follows the lives of two teenagers who join the anarchist movement, and become addicted to heroine. Its also written from several viewpoints so therefor shows ‘all angles’…

  5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is an amazing book. The main characters do just about every drug imaginable and the movie starring johnny depp was just as good.

    Also, A Million Little Pieces is good, about a guy addicted to crack and ends up in rehab.

  6. If its poetry you’re looking for I suggest a couple of famous drug related/inspired ones I own myself: ‘Howl’ by the Beat generation’s Allen Ginsberg and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ‘Kubla Khan’.

    A great book I also read recently was Aldous Huxley’s ‘Doors of Perception’ and also it’s sequel ‘Heaven and Hell’

  7. Ok. I can call u all lacking drug enthusiasts if no one has posted The Electric-Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe.
    It was an amazing book (that you’ll understand a lot better after ingesting LSD) that opens your eyes as well as mind. It takes you on an adventure into the life of a 60’s counter-culture hero (Ken Kesey)and his Merry Pranksters. It is a must read that will take you on a transcendental trek straight into the maniacal mind of a 60’s beatnik. Tell me what you think =)

  8. Jesus’ Son… a short story collection by Denis Johnson… Narrator is a heroin addict, and it truly sweeps you away into his reality, or rather unreality

  9. Any suggestions for a hs teacher who is looking for literature about drugs (that doesn’t glorify drugs)? Denis Johnson is already on my list. I’d really like to find current fiction if possible.

  10. vurt by jeff noon (or geof…) is a story about intoxicating bird feathers that were used to trip by a small group of people.

    all books by terence mckenna refer to psychedelic experiences.

    and lastly if you google literature about drugs you will find more links

  11. ‘Enter the Void’ is an amazing movie about drugs and spirituality. It’s main focus is DMT, it follows a dealer living in Tokyo. Worth while to watch while on drugs as well. The best film interpretation of DMT hallucinations/trip

  12. “Drug Literature | Drugs”R”Us” ended up being a very good read and therefore
    I actually was in fact quite satisfied to come across the blog.

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