Girl Rolls A Joint In 8 Steps

A girl is rolling a fine joint in 8 steps including licking the paper with her full lusty lips :D


~ by riot on 13 October 2009.

8 Responses to “Girl Rolls A Joint In 8 Steps”

  1. i am going to center for pain mtg dr katrina mclelan, and dr kahan, they want me to take lmbrel, i can not afford to buy it, is there anyway i can get samples,or for less money. please let me know i need them badly, thanks, Pearl Cosentino please let me know by my email. i am in terrible pain and hopes of this helping me says the dr’s.

    • I do believe you are talking about Enbrel, not Imbrel. I do not know much about this drug other than what I read on the web, but for every chemical drug product i strongly believe there is a natural alternative. That is also because every pharmaceutical drug known to man has been synthesized from a natural occuring substance be it from a plant, animal or human tissue/gland.

      I do not know your disease, but you can start reading here: and also search the web for natural remedies for your illness.

      Hope it helps. Good luck!

  2. please help me, thanks, pearl cosentino

  3. should have taken acid with you by neon indian
    thought you’d like to post it =)

  4. Hi, I have a similar blog at and I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links or if you would would consider letting me be a guest blogger.

    • Hello. I like your blog also, its nice to read others’ high times :) Link exchange, sure thing, and since this blog hasn’t been updated in such a long time, a little revival would be awesome. i will mail you with an account and password so you can get busy :D

  5. ganja whit tabaco aaaggghhh!!! smoke shit jajajaja

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