647 Marijuana Terms In A Leaf

Yes, that’s right. There are 647 street terms for marijuana and they all have been collected and stored by the USofA government.

So why is that something to be mentioned here? Well because the guys at LA Popart decided they should do something art-full with this information so they created a marijuana leaf with just all those street terms.

Marijuana Street Terms Leaf

It might look weird here, but click on the picture and the full size will surely impress you.

It’s a wonderful piece of art and it definitely look good on any stoner’s wall as a beautiful poster. That leads me to pointing out that it can be bought, so don’t forget to check the LA Popart page ;)

~ by riot on 19 December 2007.

7 Responses to “647 Marijuana Terms In A Leaf”

  1. cul.

  2. My favorite word on this poster would have to be “zoom salad”

  3. Ive got this on my dorm dresser for everyone to see. My favorite term would be Zambi =] Happy smoking to you all!

  4. most like this leave

  5. awesome, I think I’m going to repost this if that’s okay to my blog, artbymaryjane. You should check it out, I think you might like it. I’m adding this blog to my blogroll, as well!

  6. I cant get on that site from the school computer (weird that I can get on this one then)

  7. It’s 651 “official” names now, but there’s alot more than that…

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