Heavenly Hawaiian Punch

Heavenly Hawaiian Punch is a recipe based on Morning Glory and alcohol. I found this on TOTSE and took the liberty to post it here. All credit goes to the original author of this recipe. Hope you enjoy it ;)


2 oz Southern Comfort
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Grenadine
6 gr Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds
Orange Juice
Slice Of Orange

Morning Glory Preparation:

When purchasing the Morning Glory seeds, It’s best to stay away from specialty garden shops and such. Purchase the seeds somewhere that sells garden supplies, but is not a specialty garden or flower shop, such as Lowes or Hechingers. The drawback with purchasing at a non-specialty shop is that the packages are usually labelled “For Planting Purposes Only” and are French imports or American seeds. This means they are probably coated with toxic fungicides which react violently with your stomach acids. I purchased seeds in a specialty garden shop which were Holland imports, and I came across no adverse affects when using these seeds (incidentally, the package
was just labeled MORNING GLORY Clarke’s Heavenly Blue). These were $.25 for a 400mg pack. Lowes sells seeds that are $.87 for a 1.5gm pack. Anyway, it should cost around $4 for the trip, which is comparable to good acid. Make sure you purchase enough for between 5 to 8 grams total, 6 is a safe ‘first time’ number. Make sure you purchase Heavenly Blue seeds, and not mixed or any other Morning Glory variety. Heavenly Blue contain 0.813mg alkaloid/gm seed material. Other varieties contain 0.423mg/gm or less.

Dump all the seeds into a bowl and allow the seeds to soak in Zippo lighter fluid. This removes most fungicides which could cause irritation.

Allow the fluid to evaporate. Wash the seeds off in hot water. Allow the seeds to further soak, this time in alcohol (use a little of that vodka).
After about 1/2 hr of soaking in each fluid, rinse the seeds off in hot water one final time.

Now for the hard part. After thoroughly washing the seeds, you need to grind them into a fine powder. The best way to do this is to use a pepper grinder. Take this powdery mush and allow it to soak in the Southern Comfort, Vodka, and Grenadine mixture. The best way to do this is to pour the required alcohol into a Tupperware container, put the mush in with it, seal it, shake it really well, and allow it to soak in the alcohol for 30 to 45 minutes, shaking periodically. After the mush soaks in the alcohol, drain the liquid through a coffee filter. You should have a putrid looking liquid and a pile of mush.

Mixing The Drink:

Pour the alcohol mixture evenly into two highball glasses. Fill the glass with orange juice and shake. If you wish, prepare the orange juice
before hand by letting the morning glory mush soak in the orange juice, then filtering or straining it out. Top off with a slice of orange, and chug it!

Effects and Aftermath:

Morning Glory seeds, especially of the variety Heavenly Blue, contain ergot alkaloid s which are used in the synthesis of LSD-25. The main
constituent of the seeds is ergine, or d-lysergic acid amide. Ipomoea violacea contains the minor alkaloids d-isolysergic acid amide (isoergine), chanoclavine, elymoclavine, and ergometrine (ergovine). These incidentally are on the government’s ‘watched’ list. What am I saying, in English? You get a legal alternative to acid. After the effects of the alcohol wear off, you’re tripping! You shoot the two drinks, the vodka & SoCo buzz you, then you start tripping on a shroom-like trip. If you’re a brave soul, you can eat the mush, or drink it down. You’ll trip A LOT harder, but you’ll probably puke, cause the seeds have natural toxins. It’s definitely not a mind blowing trip like acid, but more mellow and just visual. You’re mind may be racing, and you may be hallucinating off your ass, but you’re not incoherent like when dosing. Sentences actually do make sense. It’s a real cool stoned visual delight.

~ by riot on 4 December 2007.

3 Responses to “Heavenly Hawaiian Punch”

  1. thats awesome man. I ate about eight grams of heavinly blue morning glory seeds about two weeks ago, it was pretty sweet had some cool visuals but not as colorful as lsd or peyote, but still cool.

  2. do you know if American Seed brand has that junk sprayed on them?

  3. Well how bout that shit

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