‘No Brainer’ Anti-Cocaine? New Zeeland Ad

Actually this ad does not state what it is addressed against and honestly, because of that I find it quite weak. It’s clearly an anti-drug ad but because it depicts the act of snorting I can’t find a better target then Cocaine users. Or perhaps Ketamine, although Special K is more commonly injected then snorted. Speed could be the second candidate, but let’s be serious: the guy looks too much of a yuppie to take Speed :) Plus take a look at that biceps… No guy that’s hooked on Speed can be in such a good shape.your Maybe on Cocaine…

And isn’t snorting your brain actually putting it back there?

Yeah and thanks goes to my good friend the Eclectic Cow for sending me the link ;)

~ by riot on 4 November 2007.

2 Responses to “‘No Brainer’ Anti-Cocaine? New Zeeland Ad”

  1. And isn’t snorting your brain actually putting it back there?


  2. i actually think it’s quite well done. and, just from a philosophical standpoint, it doesnt matter that the drug in question is not mentioned…images are stronger than words anyway. the point comes across quite well, regardless of what drug you may be doing, and the images are poignant. especially with the red presence of the blood everywhere from the hands to the more striking nose and mouth area. the images are meant to strike people a certain way, and i think they would/will.

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