Mushrooms and Fairies

Her name is Anna Ignatieva and she a very talented digital artist from Russia. I have to say I am truly impressed by her work. Fantasy at it’s finest :D

Pagan AmanitaMushroom FairyIn The RainSleeping Butterfly

Please visit her website! You will simply be amazed by her talent, imagination and technique. Truly a great artist!

~ by riot on 5 October 2007.

17 Responses to “Mushrooms and Fairies”

  1. nice pics

  2. These are lovely,and have the spell of my home to them.I’m already amazed.

  3. these pick are amazing love the fairy mushroom theme

  4. I love these…i know some other people that would too!

  5. i know that somewhere in the world, these fairies are lurking for some mischief. beautiful artwork

  6. Such a talented artist.. pleased to see her magical works

  7. its alomst as if your there,these r amazing

  8. wow these are so bad ass!!!

    little poeple exist i know they do!!

  9. these are lovley.i know there are other people who lust to be in the unknown world

  10. Actually they look more like pixies to me

  11. You r truelly great! I so enjoyed looking at your drawings. I would love to be able to watch you draw,,,just to see you as you glide you pencil and your vision on to paper. AAwsome! Thank you for your works. I am looking for something to buy,,,you r on the top of my list,,,,,and I have only started to look.

  12. these fairies are unbelievably gorgeous and well drawn. they have a very unique look to them.

  13. this is very nice

  14. You must’ve spent forever on that stuff O_o good job for having the patience XD

  15. The faeries on mushrooms are just beautiful!!!

  16. Im getting a fairie tattoo so excites

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