Syd Barrett’s First Psychedelic Trip

This experimental silent short is very rare (filmed in 8mm) and only lasts 11 minutes. Nigel Gordon, film student, filmed Syd Barrett while he tripped on mushrooms. This film is made up of two parts. Part 1: Syd tripping at Gog Magog Hills. Part 2: April ’67, Pink Floyd right after they signed their first recording contract, with EMI Records at Abbey Road Studios.

If you don’t know who Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett was or if you do and want to know more, read his page on wikipedia.

~ by riot on 30 September 2007.

3 Responses to “Syd Barrett’s First Psychedelic Trip”

  1. too bad he coulnd’t hold it togother long enough to be an actual productive member of Pink Floyd.

  2. an amazing being he was,, sad he got so lost.. only the gd die young, the rest o us suckers are stuck here to deal wi whats almost a complete waste of breathe species called human. no wonder people turn to drugs. it makes an ugly world much prettier n way more bearable

  3. Druga are not only what you make of them, it is also what they make you into

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