How To Roll A Blunt

I’ve never smoked a blunt, but I hear a lot of people saying it’s quite good. Honestly I’m not that much of a weed guy since I enjoy chemicals better, but I definetly wouldn’t pass the opportunity of smoking a nice fat blunt :D

Here’s a pretty complicated technique (compared to a smoking-paper joint) that requires a lot of patience and practice.

This one is a on-the-knees method of doing a blunt while outdoors.

And this a simplified step by step shorter version.

~ by riot on 18 September 2007.

26 Responses to “How To Roll A Blunt”

  1. u cant roll for shit

  2. its not a hard thing to do.

  3. wow that last guy cant roll a blunt for shit

  4. Just get ur freinds to help you, im sure some of ur freinds can roll them nice blunts, if they ur freinds they’ll teach u

  5. those were all good blunts…hats off to the nigga in the first vid. good ass dutchie…second video was really good to…the third was kinda sloppy but good to say how quick it was and it looked like it would have smoked really good…

  6. man that fucken last nigga don know how 2 roll a blunt fo shit man im trying 2 learn how dumbasses hey niggas im trying 2 get blown with some fine as vato guy same shit and maybe fuck jajaja well latez if yeah down 2 get blown n especially fuck leave yeah my space email

  7. im down to get blown hah
    and i put all these niggaz to shame with my blunt lol

  8. ok thanks for this cause i didnt know how to roll one now im going to show off to all my friends much porps=]

  9. ya dude, that last dude just rolled one of the sloppiest blunts i’ve ever seen in my life.

  10. damn nukkaz i bin watcin a cupl uv diz vidz n damn yall b rollin sum skinnii azz bluntz might as well be rollin sum jointz..cummon na get wit

  11. can that chronic be any more garbage?!?!

  12. if a blunt takes more then like 1 minute then its a waste
    buy a pipe
    just smoke the shit

  13. damn those r some shit ass blunts , i roll better then those motherfuckers in cuba lol

  14. The fuuuuck the nigga in da 3rd rollin some lame ass anorexic blunts niggasz needa step dey game up! blunts dnt take dat long to roll ferrealszz lik muh dude said jus buy a pipe! or if u eva seen da blunt roller better off fer u ammaturess look it up!

  15. man the 3rd vid niggah cant roll a fatty for his fukin life shit ima post a video showin all yo dumb asses how ta roll dat purp hell yeah man all ya gotta do is buy a dub a couple blunts and roll the fattest yu have ever smoked cus yu know how i do and fuk yu lazy asses blunts are the best ta smoke outta exspecially vega’z gettem nigghaz

  16. my blunt puts those to shame..bitches

  17. ewww thats that some poopy trees.

  18. the third guy sucks at rollin a B, and the beat on his video is one of the worst of heard, stupid fuck prolly made it himself, and thought it sounded good, but yeah thats the sloppiest blunt i’ve ever seen, it will run like a motherfucker and waste the little bit of weed he put in it, (TIP) don’t make a video of you rolling a blunt when you don’t know how and have the shittiest weed on earth, would not even smoke that shit

  19. These are alright blunts the site I learned how to roll blunts from is

  20. how in the hell does someone smoke if they cant roll? stop it

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  22. Man dese dudes aint seen nun u a get clowned fa rollin like dat in my hood and da weed look weak get ducth and kush and let me show u how to role

  23. What is that guy doing in the third video ……….. if he turned up in my yard with that ‘brick weed’ he wouldnt get a good reception. What a w***er!! Peace

  24. lol “its not doing anything to your fucking table.” mad funny in that deep voice.

  25. That second one looked good and the last one wasnt bad hell when it’s in a dark truck on the highway who cares how you roll it just how it hits

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