How To Make A Vaporizer

Here we a have a very useful how-to on a fast and simple home-made vaporizer. If you don’t know anything about vaporizers then you should definitely read this.

Now you know why Raoul Duke carried a box of light-bulbs in his desert driven drug frenzy :P

Of course there are pretty good commercial alternatives to a light-bulb, but those cost money and I do not encourage any type of advertising here :) Still if you want to know more about vaporizers then visit this site.

~ by riot on 23 August 2007.

20 Responses to “How To Make A Vaporizer”

  1. so thats what johnny Depp was doin in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Cool guys, I am gonna try it as soon as I get home. Yall got any more ideas? My e-mail is

  2. Cool viddie. But I prefer a decent vaporizer because the temperature can be set. Btw, another very informative website about vaporizing can be found at:

  3. Dude fuck that… just get a clear lightbulb… if you smoke just a hint of that white powder in there because you accidentally missed some it could very easily make you brain dead.. and besides i dont want to be cought with a fucking meth pipe. anyone who has been around or done meth will tell you thats a fucking meth pipe but your smoking pot out of it… i do not suggest this at all… spend the $ and buy a real vaporizer its worth it.

  4. Thats pretty cool, but like norad said, its dangerous to smoke that white stuff. Even with a clear blub, there’s probably some manufacturing resin and smoking that would kill the purpose of vaporizing. Just get an affordable one from they have good prices. I just got the tower vape from them.


    The music was stolen from Nintendo’s Earthbound.

  6. do you have to get that weird green shit around the metal part out?

  7. alright so if o make this thing all air-tight and follow directions from vid very closely, do i need any sort of a carb anywhere or will there be extra air/whatever that needs to escape when the bulb is getting hot (when herbs are in bulb)? did that make sense?

  8. A light bulb vaporizer isn’t even worth the time and effort. I would feel like a crackhead smoking out of one of these things.

    If you can’t afford a decent set up than you should just stick to the old fashioned flame.

  9. yea, fuck it, just get a good portable vape like the iolite

  10. stop ur complaining u bitch ass retards. dont look at it then

  11. i like seeing fellow stoners succesfully making things they can smoke out of..

  12. Honestlyi was quite surprise by the taste with that bubble vape. It’s quite good.
    Of course no one will say that it can actually replace a real vape, but it’s a nice thing to try out :)

  13. […] How To Make A Vaporizer August 2007 12 comments 4 […]

  14. this vaporizer works pretty well if ur just learning bout vaporizing, but u really need something with a tempurature control so ur bud doesnt taste like popcorn, and vape 4 ever that white powder stuff isnt dangerous so to speak, its just that its like meth, cuz u can use less salt and collect it then smoke it, to get a high like meth, but all in all if u can control ur high it aint too bad

  15. cool, now i know how to smoke meth too.

  16. Lots of articles out there on how to make a vaporizer. Does anyone else think that sounds dangerous? :) Maybe I’m crazy.

  17. ok every one thats saying that this is a bad idea go fuck ur self. ur entitled to ur opinion but dont tell people that “the white stuff will kill you” if ur not fucking retarted youll clean it out good enough. even if u missed just a tiny little bit it wouldnt be that bad. besides if u clean it out right the light bulb should be clear. if its not then u did it wrong. ive made 5 of these things and they havent killed me yet. so no it wont make u brain dead

  18. Don’t make your own, just buy a quality vape like the Extreme Q:

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