The One Oz Joint (28.4 Grams of Weed)

I’m shocked, stunned, impressed all together. 28.4 grams of weed in one giant joint. If that doesn’t get you high, I don’t know what will…

~ by riot on 17 February 2007.

10 Responses to “The One Oz Joint (28.4 Grams of Weed)”

  1. Yo you are talented.

  2. whoever rolled that…. i fuckin love you hahhah

  3. yo that shit is hott i want to do that now. how many papers were needed?

  4. Thats fuckin insane but sweet!

  5. Ya niggas some crack head ya bitches need to in to church

  6. Take that shit to the next level. Man i’d love to have a joint like that right now

  7. That thing is retarded or it will make you retarded, either way there is some serious retardation going on in this vid. I could sell that fucker for $500 right now.

  8. ha yoooo that shit was crazy. once i saw the whole thing finished my mouth was open for the rest of the video.

  9. the marijuana burrito!!

  10. That thing is hench !!! I’ve rolled one same length but put nowhere near that amount of product in… Well played sir ! Can I post a vid of me making a Rose bud ??

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