Twisted Mushroom Art

When I say twisted I mean that in a good way. This guy, Léopold Rabus, delivers a very interesting view upon the red-speckled shrooms ;)

Girls and Mushrooms

Boy and Girl

Girl and Boy Crying

~ by riot on 14 February 2007.

9 Responses to “Twisted Mushroom Art”

  1. yeeees / this is da real shit.

  2. weird……………………….

  3. Interesting..

  4. crazzy asssa shet!!!

    something to it that i luv

  5. There in’t anything special, but looks creapy… It makes me feel like I were on drugs :DD

  6. ummmmm seriously Brillant, ive actually painted similar paintings that have been inspired by your work. please i wanna see more more more

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