Ketamine, a new-found cure for depression!

“A single dose of an anesthesia drug produced relief from depression in as little as two hours in a small group of patients for whom several other treatments had failed. Ketamine is novel not only for the speed of its effect, but also because it targets a new system in the brain.”

“Depression is a chronic, disabling condition affecting almost 15 million Americans — almost 7 percent of the adult U.S. population — in any given year. Some 4 percent of people with depression will end their own lives, resulting in 30,000 suicides each year.”

“Depression improved within one day in 71 percent of participants who received ketamine; 29 percent of those became nearly symptom-free within one day. Thirty-five percent of those receiving ketamine still showed benefits after several weeks. Those in the placebo group showed no improvement.”

“<People had tried six to seven antidepressants on average and had been ill for 30 years. The current episode was three years in duration. All people who went through this reported a tremendous relief of suffering.>”

If interested in this subject, please read the whole article here.

Also you can learn more about depression here.

~ by riot on 14 February 2007.

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