Trippiest Optical Illusion EVER!

This is definitely the most intense optical illusion I have ever seen.

Attention: Does NOT contain a scary stupid image and noise at the end. This is only a nice B&W graphic animation. Do enjoy please!

And kudos to Eclectic Cow who spotted it in the first place ;)

~ by riot on 9 February 2007.

6 Responses to “Trippiest Optical Illusion EVER!”

  1. This is another one, not so trippy, but a nice case of fooling the eye:

  2. @,@


  4. fuuck you not cool when your on drugs

  5. Oops wrong video, sorry, i ended up getting to a screamer from the videos after.

    Stay away fro the “focus” video. FOcus is in red letters, the rest is a bunch of blurry letters….

  6. like a heavy dose that last for a minute

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