How To Extract Mescaline

Step-by-Step video guide on how to extract mescaline, process it and eventually package and sell it.



Now all I need is some peyote…

~ by riot on 18 October 2006.

6 Responses to “How To Extract Mescaline”

  1. can u send this clip to my email address

  2. hey…i would really like to see te clip..could you please email it to me?!

  3. Hey you should do a link exchaange with me i like your site email me at

  4. Not sure how old this is but I’d very much like to see the video. I assume you used san pedro since you said you need some peyote? lol. If you sill have it could you email it to please?

  5. How many of the pills do you usually need for a trip ?
    please e-mail me

  6. hey did you use peyote or san pedro as the latter is much easier to obtain in large quantities

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