Apparently Stoned Professor Gives a Rather Unique Lecture

John Howard Hall, a Business Management professor at the University of Florida held a really strange lecture before his class raising suspicions about his intoxication levels at that moment. Some say he was drunk, some say he was high and some believe he is nothing more than a very smart and exuberant guy.

I believe he tried to teach his students things outside the reach of business management that could be of use to them. It is obvious his students are lacking any cultural or historical background knowledge and even one is missing some neural connections (pay attention to the”check the copyright” scene). The movie is 35:14 minutes long, but it’s a worthy experience to watch (I had a good time viewing it and really enjoyed it).

Hall’s next class was suspended and he was ultimately fired from the University. Another teacher (more-to-the-point and less-to-the-brain) took over his class.

You can read this here if you want to know more about the incident.

According to this the whole ‘middle finger salute’ legend is false. I actually have more faith in John Hall than in a woman that wrote that piece of article in 1999, but it’s worth a read ;)

~ by riot on 18 October 2006.

2 Responses to “Apparently Stoned Professor Gives a Rather Unique Lecture”

  1. indeed…i too thoroughly enjoyed it ;)

  2. The ‘middle finger salute’ legend is true.

    As a Brit I am aware of our history and that war between Britain and France reall IS where that stemed from :P

    Over here thought we use an alternarive symbol of sign languahe meaning the same thing. Two fingers reversed.

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